Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (82)

(a novel continued)

“I guess we’ll wait and see,” John said as he shoved back his chair. “I’m off to the nursery. We’re starting some more plants today.”
Minnie felt somewhat lost for something to do. She decided to give her house a thorough cleaning, but first she would spend some quality time with the Lord. She took her new Amplified Bible to the Living Room. John had surprised her with this extra gift at Christmas. She began to read where the Bible fell open at Judges 16. The story was about Samson who God used despite his sinful life. Minnie prayed, “Lord use me, but show me my sin. Make me whiter than snow. I want to be pure before you.”
If she had known the pain that prayer could bring to her, she may not have prayed it quite so glibly.
As Minnie went about her house straightening and cleaning, she thought about her friend Nan. Nan had been at the meeting last night. She wondered if Nan had been one of those who raised her hand to receive Jesus as her personal Saviour. She decided to phone her.
Nan wasn’t home so she left a message on the answering machine, “Call me when you have a minute.”
Two minutes later the phone rang. It was Nan. “You called?” Minnie thought she might as well be up front—they had that kind of friendship.
“Just wondering what you thought of the meeting? I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. I did see you sitting way at the back.”
“Well, Minnie I didn’t think you were a public speaker...but you made a pretty convincing appeal. And, if you want to know I did put my hand up. That’s why you called isn’t it?”
“Oh Nan, I am so happy for you. Do want to get together? Will you be coming to church?”
“Hold it not so fast? I’m convinced I need a Saviour, but I am not at all convinced that I need a church.”
“I guess we should talk,” Minnie said. 

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