Monday, May 27, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (85)

(a novel continued)

At the end of the evening they voted by a show of hands to try again the following week.
Minnie went home feeling the failure. “They didn’t like the books,” she told John.
“Did you pray about using those books?” John asked.
“Well, not in so many words. I figured because the store had exactly the number I needed, God must have prepared them to be there.”
“I still think you should talk to Pastor Peters,” John said. “He has some experience with these kind of things.”
“I really don’t think I need to,” Minnie said, somewhat stubbornly. 
“At least talk to God about that,” John said as he walked out of the room.
“Okay, I will.”
‘God,’ she said, ‘I need help.’
‘You certainly do.’
Minnie was somewhat shocked at the abruptness of that statement. ‘God, help me.’
‘I will do more than help you. I will lead you, if you let me.’
‘I’m letting you.’
‘Are you?’
‘Aren’t I?’
‘Did you ask me about Pastor Peters?’
‘No, that was John’s idea, not yours.’
‘How do you know it wasn’t mine?’
‘Was it?’
Suddenly, Minnie realized her mistake. ‘I’m so sorry Lord. Forgive me.’
‘Welcome to the process. You asked me to purify you.’
Minnie asked John to forgive her as well. She would also have to ask the women at the group to forgive her for getting them off to such a shaky start. She prayed that God would graciously bring them all back the next Tuesday. Minnie phoned Pastor Peters at the first possible opportunity. He invited her to come to his office. He was pleased with the initiative and gave her some very straightforward advise about format and material.
“With new believers I use the ‘KISS’ method,” he said.

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