Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (76)

(a novel continued)

About an hour later the truck pulled back into the driveway, without Mary’s furniture and without Mary. Minnie’s heart fell. She greeted her dejected husband at the door. “I’m sorry,” John said.
“That place gives me the creeps,” Bill said. “They run it tighter than the armed forces.” 
The four of them sat around the dining room table. Minnie poured coffee and put out a plate of her diminishing stash of cookies and squares.
“What made her go back?” Minnie asked.
“What made her think she wanted to leave?” John said.
“I feel like hanging that guy up by his ears.” Bill said.
“Which guy?” Minnie said.
“We drove up to the gate,” John said. “The main leader, Brandon, came out to see us. You could tell they were on the look-out for us....a bunch of people milling around inside the gate. Brandon thanked us for bringing Mary back. We said we were there to pick up her stuff. Brandon looked at Mary and asked her if that was true. She said No. Imagine that, she said NO.”
“If I were driving I would have backed up the truck and left before Mary had a chance to get out. Forget about the stuff.” Bill said.
“A lot of good that would do,” John said. “She has to leave of her own freewill. Otherwise she’ll just go back anyway.”
“We have to trust God,” Minnie said. “He’s got this.”
Treasa stared at Minnie. Treasa didn’t say anything but Minnie could see the questions. 
‘Wait’ Minnie heard in her spirit.

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