Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (87)

(a novel continued)

That weekend Mary called. 
John happened to be the one to answer the phone.
“What is it?” Minnie asked as soon as he hung up.
“Mary wants me to pick her up at the compound at two. She said she couldn’t talk. That I had to be there at exactly two.”
“I wonder what this means,” Minnie said.
“I know one thing: if she is leaving there I’m not taking her back for anything.”
“Should I come with you?”
“Maybe you should. Two heads is better than one.”
“Speaking of heads...we should pray.” 
At one thirty Minnie and John left for the compound in the nursery truck. “We'll take her stuff with us right away,” John said.
Mary met them on the lane about 100 metres outside the compound gates. She was carrying her purse, nothing else. She hopped in when Minnie opened the passenger door. “Quick let’s go. I think they suspect something,” she said.
It had been on the tip of John’s tongue to ask about taking along her stuff, but he realized that wasn’t going to happen.He was just happy to have his Mary. He three pointed turned and they were away. Mary didn’t say much on the ride home. Minnie simply held her hand.
At the house, the phone was ringing. Minnie answered.
“Is Mary there?” the voice wanted to know.
“Who’s this?” 
“Just tell her she’s closed a door,” said the voice. “She’ll know.”
“Who was it?” John asked.

“A wrong number,” Minnie said.

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