Friday, May 17, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (79)

(a novel continued)

The week before the service the secretary from the church phoned to say they were putting up a few posters around town to advertise the service. Did she have a title for her testimonial? Minnie was about to say she would have to  think about that and how soon did they have to know, when she heard, ‘Heaven is a Beautiful Place.’ 
“Heaven is a beautiful place,” she said.
“That’s the last detail,” the secretary said. We’ll get those printed this afternoon and have them ready for the youth group to put up around town this evening.”
Minnie wondered what Pastor Peters would think? She was pretty sure he believed she hadn’t been anywhere near heaven, or hell. She had simply been in a coma.

As the day approached Minnie mulled over different openings for her testimonial. She couldn’t settle on anything, but in her spirit she kept hearing, ‘follow my direction.’ When the day finally came, she didn’t have even an opening line. ‘Lord, the service is this evening and I don’t know what I am saying.’
‘But, I do.’ That would have to be enough for Minnie.
Her friend Nan called. “Hey you, I saw the posters, I’m coming to the service tonight and most of the ladies from the cookie exchange are too. On Saturday, several had heard Alvin, the local radio host, carry on about the event. Alvin saw the posters and actually said on the radio he would be going to hear you,” Nan said.
Now Minnie had something to worry about. But she didn’t. ‘Lord, you better speak clearly tonight.’
She saw the Lord smiling at her. 

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