Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (77)

(a novel continued)

 John and Minnie went to bed well before midnight on New Year’s Eve. “The old year doesn’t need us to help it leave,” John said. 
On New Year’s Day, the kids phoned to say “Happy New Year”—two of the kids phoned. Minnie and John hadn’t heard a word from Mary since Christmas.
Minnie resisted the temptation to worry. She prayed instead. In her spirit she heard the familiar, ‘Wait.’ John heard the same thing.  
“I’m thinking she might simply be biding her time,” John said.
“You do?” 
“Brandon is big on intimidation. Mary, the real Mary, was never one to be intimidated. If she knew she was right she always stood up for herself.
I think she is beginning to recognize the lies.”
“What makes you so?”
“Just something she said in the truck on the way to the compound.”
“You didn’t mention this.”
“Well, it wasn’t anything big, but the Lord keeps bringing it back to me. When He does, it gives me hope.”
In the truck, just before we got there, she said she hoped Brandon wasn’t around. Bill asked her why and she said, 'He’s moody.' As soon as she said it she clammed up. It was like she surprised herself with the criticism. We’ve never, ever heard even a hint from her that anyone in that place wasn't perfect.

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