Friday, March 8, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (32)

(a novel continued)

After supper the five walked to the meadow where the others left Minnie with her tutor. Samuel greeted her with a hug and news that there would be a break in their sessions. “School will be suspended during the heavenly game. Heavenly in the meadow, beginning Monday.”
“What about tomorrow?”
Tomorrow is the seventh day. Tomorrow all of heaven gathers in one place to worship Our Great God, Yahweh, the “I Am” who is your Father here in Heaven.
“At the throne?”
“The very place. You will want to wear your white robe.”
Minnie’s heart filled with excitement. She felt as if her chest would burst. She danced a circle around Samuel.

“For, today’s lesson we’ll talk about grass.”
“Yes, grass.”
“This grass?” Minnie sat down beside Samuel on the soft green grass which immediately formed a chair around her.
“Have you wondered why the grass is so different that the grass on earth.”
“I suppose because this is heavenly grass. There is no sin here.”
“Exactly.” Samuel went on to tell her about the Garden of Eden before the fall and painted a picture in her mind of the new heaven and the new earth where everything would be even more perfect than here.
“It’s hard to imagine a place more perfect than here?”
“This is still the old heaven. This place has seen a lot of grief. We still see much grief through the windows. Once Jesus returns to the earth as the triumphant Messiah, then this old heaven and the old earth will pass away and the new will come. That truly will be a glorious day, when the saints on earth hear the great trumpet call and they rise up to meet us—who are dead to them—and Jesus in the clouds.
So, while you are here you should use your time wisely in preparation for that great day.”

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