Monday, March 18, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (38)

(a novel continued)

Other participants in the heavenly game streamed past and soon Minnie and Lydia were alone. They made themselves comfortable in grass chairs and opened their pouches. Inside they each found a Fox whistle, a foil wrapped stick of gum, a small bottle of liquid, three marbles and a yellow handkerchief, as well as a  picture of Jesus with three directives on it.
Find the Tree of Life.
Use the items inside this pouch as directed.
When you hear the shofar, report to the meadow.
“Use the items as directed?” Minnie questioned. She looked inside her emptied pouch. There aren’t any directions.”
“Maybe, there is another way to get them. We’ll ask Jesus.” Lydia immediately prayed out, “Jesus what do we do first?”
They sat quietly listening. After a moment, Minnie said, I heard, 'Take a marble and throw it as far as you can into the woods.'” 
“That could be dangerous.” Lydia said.
Minnie took a marble from her pouch and threw it. It sailed between the trees into a pile of leaves about forty metres into the woods.
They both heard, “Walk in that direction.”  They walked into the woods toward the pile of leaves. When they got there, they asked, “Lord, now what?”
“Throw the next marble.”
This continued until all six marbles were used. By now they were deep inside the wooded area. “We’ve lost all our marbles.” Lydia laughed.
Minnie prayed. “Lord, show us the Tree of Life.”
“Keep walking, you’ll recognize it when you see it.”
They walked on looking at each tree as they walked. There were maple trees, oak trees, beech trees, poplar trees, birch trees, trees Lydia recognized from Kenya and many trees neither of them had ever seen before. After some time they reached an orchard. Here there were orange trees, banana trees, peach trees, apple trees, all manner of fruit trees. “It’s not here either," Lydia said.
They kept walking.
At the other side of the orchard, there was a garden filled with olive trees. Under one of the olive trees they found a wooden bench. Lydia and Minnie sat on the bench. “We should have brought along a snack,” Minnie said. “Are you hungry?”
“What is hungry? In heaven I’ve been able to go for days without food. All we need is the week-end manna.”
“Really! I’ve been here less than a week and have only had the manna once. It’s true I haven’t felt hunger. I do enjoy eating though.”
“Yes, the food is very tasty.”

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