Thursday, February 7, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (11)

Hershal set the table with place settings for three.
“Who’s coming to dinner?” Minnie asked.
“You’ll see. Maybe, you’d like to freshen up. Your bedroom is through that door.”
Minnie headed toward the door specified. She had never felt so fresh in all her life, but she was curious about the bedroom. A very pleasant bedroom it was with a big inviting bed and a reading nook by the window which looked out onto the lake. 
Minnie sat down on the soft bed. A dresser stood beside the bed. She got up and each drawer slid open in turn as she thought about looking inside. The dresser held all manner of clothes—clothes in her favourite colours and styles—more beautiful clothes than she had ever owned. 
She  found even grander clothes in the closet. What should she wear for dinner? Who would be coming? Maybe Jesus? She couldn't get enough of Jesus. 
She decided on a blue linen shift with a white tasselled belt. The dress fit perfectly. She twirled in front of the full-length three-dimensional mirror positioned just inside the closet door. 
My, she looked good. All of her looked good. She had lost about 20 pounds, her muscle tone was fabulous, her blonde hair shone—she simply glowed with health. Wow. If John could see her now....

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