Monday, February 11, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (13)

“What is bowl-tipping time?” Minnie asked.
“Watch.” Dad said.
Mom, Dad and Hershal looked like children on Christmas morning.
“There it goes,” Hershal said. He literally danced to the front window. The three others followedforgoing their feast of fish and fries.
The lake outside wobbled. The whole, wide lake dipped to the left, a layer of water slipped out and splashed down over the lip and out of sight. 
The rain on the lake increased in intensity. The lake tipped again, this time to the right. More water slipped out. Then a deluge of rain.
"I've never seen so much rain," Dad said.  
Each time the lake tipped one way or the other, the angle grew and more water splashed out. Now the rain pelted down in sheets. Suddenly the lake tipped completely and emptied, then settled back into place.  The rain slowed  to a gentle drizzle. A dazzlingly bright rainbow filled the entire sky.
“You say that a lot,” Dad said.

“We must check the window. This is the best time to look through it,” Hershal said.
“Yes, of course,” Mom agreed.
“Isn’t this the window?” Minnie asked.
“We’re talking about the window of heaven.” Dad said.
They went outside. The gentle rain felt surprisingly warm and welcoming. Minnie wanted to run everywhere at oncelike a little child. In fact she did run up and down the lawn, dancing and twirling around her parents much as she had as a child. Her parents simply smiled, no doubt remembering when they had first come to heaven.
“We’re inside the rainbow. This is so awesome,” said Minnie.
They stopped at the edge of the empty lake. The hint of a puddle was forming at the base of what looked to Minnie like a giant clear glass bowl.
“Look through the glass,” Hershal said.
“Ohhhh,” Minnie said. The lake bottom had become the lens of a telescope. She could see the earth clearly.

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