Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (21)

(a novel continued)

Minnie would be meeting God today. It made her feel slightly nervous. What would He say to her? Letting herself hear Him in her mind seemed slightly different than meeting Him face to face. What would she say to God? 
Minnie decided to deal with one thing at a time. “Hershal, what do the clothes look like?” 
“Come see.” Hershal handed her a large red satin case. “Everything is in this box. 
She reverently took the case to her bedroom. Inside she found a radiant white linen gown with a belt of perfect white pearls—simple and entirely elegant.
Minnie slipped into the gown. It made her feel pure—pure and royal, transformed. Joy and anticipation bubbled up inside her. 
It crossed Minnie's mind that occasions such as this required make-up. She should check the dresser for lipstick, maybe some blush. But first she opened the closet door to look in the mirror. When she saw herself she realized that in heaven make-up would be nothing but make-down.
“You are ready.” Hershal acknowledged from the other room. “Jesus is here.”

Minnie and Jesus set out on a path in a direction Minnie had not yet been. As they walked along the edge of the empty lake in front of the cottage, Minnie asked Jesus about the lake tipping and the people she had seen coming out of the various churches of her town on earth.
“Yes,” Jesus said, “you are correct in thinking that the prayers said in those churches caused the bowl to tip. The people of your town were very concerned about a law to be passed. A private member’s bill had been put forward proposing that all churches lose their charitable status. When they prayed, the bill was defeated.”

“Are there bowls for every prayer?”
“Big bowls, small bowls and the biggest bowl of all—a bowl the size of the Pacific Ocean.”
“What’s that bowl for?”
“That bowl collects the prayers for my return. It is filling up steadily.”
“When will it be full?”
“No one knows the time or the season, only Our Father.”
“I knew that,” Minnie said sheepishly.

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