Friday, February 22, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (22)

(a novel continued)
Jesus and Minnie were heading toward a circle of angels with big wings like those in pictures Minnie had seen while on earth. The Angels were singing as they peered into a tipped lake which appeared to be somewhat smaller than the empty lake in front of Minnie’s cottage.
“Why are they singing?”
“Can you guess?”
“Because a sinner repented?”
“Whose prayers tipped the lake? 
“His mother prayed 37 years. 
The angels escorted Minnie and Jesus to a viewing spot at the rim of the lake. The mother is the one with the tears running down her face,” Jesus said.
 “And, the son?” Minnie asked.
“He is on a bed. He is about to die.”
Minnie and Jesus left the angels and continued down the path.

“Why doesn’t Hershal have wings?” Minnie asked.
“He does.” Jesus said.
“Where are they? Does he take them off?”
“Your spiritual perception needs work. A few more lessons at the school with Samuel and you will be able to see Hershal’s wings.”
“Why could I see the wings on those angels?”
“You were expecting those angels who were singing like angels to be the angels you perceived them to be. You perceive Hershal as you remember him on earth when he saved your family. He presented to you in the way you would recognize him. Once your spiritual eyes are wide open, you will see him as he really is and you will also see a group of angels singing as they really are which is actually different than how you saw them just now.”
Minnie was totally fascinated by everything Jesus said. She wanted to continue asking him questions foreverjust to hear his answers. His voice was so loving and all-knowing. “I love you, Jesus.”
“I love you Minnie.”
She basked in the realization that Jesus wanted to be doing exactly what he was doing, spending time with her...Minnie who hadn’t done much of anything consequential in her whole life. 

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