Thursday, February 28, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (26)

(a novel continued)

“I am asking you to go on a special mission. This mission will take you into dangerous territory. I am sending a band of angels with you. But, first you must be fully equipped. Think before you answer.”
Minnie thought for a whole minute, “I want to do whatever you ask Lord.”
“Very good.”
“What is the mission?” Minnie dared to ask.
“You are not ready to hear. But, from this time forward, your spiritual ears and your spiritual eyes will grow increasingly sharp. Your capacity to love will grow. I love you Minnie and I will always be with you in the person of my Holy Spirit.”
God the Father set Minnie down on the golden road just outside the city and Jesus His Son transported with her back to the cottage door. And then Jesus was gone.
Hershal had wings. Minnie sat at the table relating her journey to him from start to finish. She told him every detail, even the parking spot prayers. Hershal smiled his Hershal smile as she talked and he prepared a heavenly hashwhich melted in Minnie’s mouth. “Hershal, what do you think God is asking me to do?”
“If I knewwhich I don’twhy would I tell you? God doesn’t want you to know for a very good reason. He is God. Trust Him completely.”
“Of course youre right, Hershal. And, I have never trusted Him as much as I do now.”
Minnie hadn’t worried all that day. This felt good. It was good. “I want to stay here forever, Hershal.”
“That, I can tell you, certainly won’t be happening.”
“How do you know?”
“Haven’t you read your Bible?”
“I have. Three times a day, every day of my life as long as I can remember.”
“Then you should know that there will be a new heaven and a new earth. The old will pass away. Everything you see here will be replaced with a heaven more glorious and everything you see on earth...same thing. I can't even imagine the things God has in store for mankind.”
Minnie thought about that. Of course she remembered reading words to that effect. She hadn't thought about them much. She didn’t remember a single sermon on the subject of a new heaven and she had been going to church since her baptism as an infant. What was it the Bible said about the second coming of the Lord?

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