Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (20)

(a novel continued)
“Breakfast,” called Hershal from the other room.
“Hershal, please could you help me pick my clothes today.”
“There’s plenty of time for that. Breakfast first, and we’ll talk.”
The table was set for one. Minnie sat. Hershal served. “These croissants are delicious. Did you make them?”
“I did.”
Minnie enjoyed two croissants spread with melted butter and raspberry jam. “Hershal, are there wordsbesides 'heavenly'to describe the tastes and smells and sounds of heaven? My earthly words don't seem adequate.
There is an entire heavenly language that will become your's soon enough. 
“Hershal, what should I wear on this important day?”
“You most certainly need special clothes. They will be here later this morning. Until then feel free to do as you like.”
“I think I'd like to look down through the lake again. When will it fill up?”
“That depends on the prayers. There seems to be a bit of a drought just now.”
Minnie wandered out to the empty lake.
The stars had disappeared. She went over to the spot from which they had been able to watch John. She missed John. What was he doing now? There he was. She could see right through the roof of their home. He was at the kitchen table, his head bowed over the Bible. Dear, sweet John. He looked so very sad. She prayed, “Lord comfort John. Let him know I’m all right.” As she spoke, she felt a raindrop, then another. She fell on her knees beside the almost empty lake. “Dear Lord,” she wept.
When she finally got up from her knees, the puddle in the lake had turned into more of a pool and  John seemed less sad. She watched him lean over to tie his shoe. 

Minnie spent the rest of the morning in the backyard where she was totally surprised to meet Hetta. She was sure this was Hetta. 
She threw a stick. “Go fetch Hetta.” He caught the stick in the air exactly as she remembered him doing. He brought her the stick and nuzzled up to her. “You remember me don’t you Hetta?” He barked his very distinct German Shepherd bark. “Wait till John finds out you are here. He will be so tickled.”
“Hershal, this is Hetta, isn’t it?” she called out to Hershal, who appeared even before she said his name. 
“It is.” He smiled his broad loving angel smile. “ And, by the way, your God-meeting clothes have just arrived.”

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