Monday, February 25, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (23)

(a novel continued)

“Here is something you will find interesting.” Jesus was pointing at a teacup bowl as it was tipping. The cup looked earthy; without that heavenly shimmer. She knelt by the path and peered through the cup. She saw a fifty-something woman in a red minivan pulling into a parking spot right next to a handicap spot in front of a Walmart. The woman looked delighted. She seemed to be praying.
“She is thanking me for the parking spot.” said Jesus.
Minnie wondered about parking spot prayers. She had a friend who always prayed for a convenient parking spot. According to this friend, her prayers were always answered. 
Minnie usually simply enjoyed the extra walk from the back of the lot and only once or twice prayed for a spot during a rainstormto no avail. “What do you think about parking-spot prayers, Jesus?”
“What do you think I think?” he countered.
“That they are trivial.”
“Exactly why your parking lot prayers aren’t answered.”
“Are they trivial?”
Jesus smiled at her with his amazing eyes, those loving blue eyes. “I think you will have the answer to that question when I show you this next bowl.” They walked in silence for almost half an hour. They came to a shallow egg-shaped puddle. As Minnie and Jesus watched, the puddle filled and tipped easily. It filled and tipped continuously. The rain fell directly into the puddle. Minnie felt  the drizzle when she leaned over the puddle to peer down. She immediately pulled away. “I mustn’t hamper the prayers from filling the bowl.”
“Very thoughtful Minnie...if you stand here and look like this, you can see what is happening.” Jesus showed her the exact angle needed.
When Minnie stood as Jesus directed she saw a small church with a group of two dozen Christians inside. They were kneeling. As they prayed the puddle filled and each time it tipped into the cupped hands of a waiting angel. The angel would carry it away. That angel would immediately be replaced by another with cupped hands. Several dozen angels later, Minnie asked, “Where are they taking the answers?”
“We will be able to see that from a vantage point over there.” Jesus pointed to a mountain on the horizon. “Shall we go?”


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...


I saw your link on Ruth's posting over at InScribe.

And I'm so glad I clicked! I started reading your story and want to read more. I'll be back.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places....


Marian said... glad you dropped by.