Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (24)

(a novel continued)

“Surely we won’t be able to walk all that way.”
“That, we won’t. We’ll have to transport.”
“Like Philip?”
Jesus took Minnie’s hand and before she could ask any further questions, they were on the mountain looking down onto the earth through a crevice in a glacier. Jesus showed Minnie where to look. She saw a small crowded prison in North Korea. Several dozen skinny human beings dressed in rags were singing praises. One of these beings was talking to a uniformed guard with a machine gun strapped to his side. An angel opened his hands above their heads. The heavenly water flowed over the guard and the prisoner. The guard fell to his knees. “Wow.” Minnie said.
“The angels are singing and dancing,” Jesus said.
“Wow.  May I see another answer? This is so amazing. ”
Jesus took her to another crevice in the ice.
When Minnie peered down she saw a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. He was standing at his post shaking. Little yellow demons were circling his head, whispering into his ears. The soldier looked around pointing his gun, ready to shoot in any direction. An angel flew over, pouring water onto the scene. The demons melted away. Immediately two other soldiers joined the first soldier. Together the three stood watch. 
“One more,” Minnie pleaded.
At the next crevice she saw an old woman locked in a cargo container. The woman was dressed in rags. She was lying in the container without a blanket, only her arm as a pillow. Snow covered the grass in the surrounding field. The angel entered the container with the heavenly water. He poured it over her and stretched out his wings. She curled up right there between his wings, as snug as a baby in a blanket.
Jesus and Minnie transported back to the egg-shaped puddle. The prayer meeting was just breaking up. Minnie wanted them to continue praying. She wanted so much to share what she had seen. “They might never know the answers to their prayers.” Minnie said.
“They’ll know.” Jesus left it at that and Minnie didn’t feel to question him anymore on the subject. 


Henrietta Frankensee said...

Just wanted to let you know I am still reading and enjoying your story! You are giving me new things to think about heaven!

Marian said...

So glad to hear from you.