Thursday, February 14, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (16)

(a novel continued)

“How do we pray?”
“Much like we were taught on earth,” Dad said. “Except here we are much wiser about our prayers. At least I am. Now I know what’s not important. Too many of my prayers on earth were a waste of breath.”
Be with Minnie.
“Isn’t that a good prayer?”
“Good, though ineffective. God was already with you. I could have been praying that you would be paying attention to Him.” Her father hugged her. 
Her father had already hugged her more times in heaven in one day than he had the thirty years they’d been together on earth.

“Dad and I are actually going to school again,” Mom said.
“At the newcomer’s school.”
“But, you’ve both been here at least five years.”
“There’s a lot we didn’t get on earth. We go an hour every day...usually right after supper. It’s wonderful. Do you want to come?”
“I can just come?”
“There’s room for everyone. There are thousands taking these classes. On earth most of us neglected or misunderstood God even if we had five translations of his Word in front of us. 
We're getting ready for the New Heaven and the New Earth,” Dad said. 
“When will that be?”
“If you read your Bible you would know that no one knowsnot even Hershal.” 
“Well God knows,” Mom said.
“Do you want to come to school?” Dad asked again.
“When does it start?”
“All the time.” Mom said. “We can go any time, day or night. It’s always light here.”
“Then how is there day and night?”
“Well there is. The music changes at night. Oh, you probably don’t hear the music, yet. You’ll have to take a few classes on opening spiritual ears. I loved those classes.” Mom said.
“I heard music when I first came, when I was with Jesus,” said Minnie. She listened quietly. Not now...I don’t hear anything now. Do you hear music?”
“Oh, yes,” Mom said, “It’s all around us. Even the grass is singing.”
“I do want to hear it again.”

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