Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (15)

(a novel continued)

“Will we see Jesus again soon?” Minnie's heart expanded with longing. His smile, his touch, his pure love flooded her memory. 
“You’ll probably see him again before you meet anyone else,” Hershal said. “He’s coming early in the morning to take you to the Father.”
Minnie’s parents smiled knowingly.
I'm going to see God? In the morning? Minnie couldn't fathom the idea. She had never in her life seen a picture of God. What do you wear when you go to God?”
“Well, this first time you will want to wear white,” Hershal said.
“Could you help me pick the right clothes, Hershal?”
He frowned. Then he smiled. “Okay, this old angel can help with that.”

Minnie felt strangely nervous. She didn't like the feeling. It felt like worry. Yes, this was that old familiar worry. Now that she had been without it for the better part of a day, she realized how wonderful it was not to worry. 
Her mind overflowed with questions. Why was she going to see God? Did he want something? Where would she see him? He was everywhere. Would she see him everywhere? 
Why did she feel like such a child? Was it because she was with her parents? 
Why was she worrying? Was she really in heaven if she was worrying? She looked all around her. The telescopic lake, the dream cottage, her young parents, Hershal...this definitely wasn't earth if it wasn't heaven.

Dad moved further down the lakeshore. “From here you can see John” he announced.
Minnie hurried to his side. He pointed, “See there.”
Yes, she could see John. He walked slowly with his head down. “Of course, he misses me. If only I could tell him I'm right here.” 
She cupped her hands over her mouth and shouted down, “John I’m okay. I love you.” John actually looked up. Minnie almost cried when she saw his sad face. 
“How can I help him?” She looked at Hershal. 
Minnie's mother put her arm around her. “He must know you are here, honey. He misses you.” 
“I want to go to him.”
“You can’t sweetheart, but you can pray for him.”
“Pray from here?”
“Of course, Dad said, “It’s one of the main things we do. We’re always interceding for those back on earth. We are cheering them on. Every last one of them is still in the race. Every one of them is on a road headed here, or over to the other side. We want them all here. Here, with Jesus is where they belong.”

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