Friday, February 15, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (17)

(a novel continued)

Minnie and her parents said good-bye to Hershal and strolled, hand-in-hand in the direction Minnie had come with Jesus that morning. 
“The school is held in a big meadow,” Dad said.
“It’s a beautiful place,” Mom added.
They walked on, each deep in their own thoughts. 
Dad was thinking how good it was to be with his daughter again. He silently prayed that her brothers and sisters would all join them someday. His children and most of their children seemed to be on the right path, as much as he could tell from his vantage point in heaven, but sometimes looks were deceptive. He wasn't God. He couldn't look into their hearts.
Mom was simply enjoying the moment completely. Joy, joy, joy...she sometimes felt like she would burst with it. Heaven continually became more beautiful. And, one never ran out of time. 
Minnie was full of questions. Would she be able to hear that lovely music again? Would school really be 'wonderful'? What would it be like to meet God? 
Minnie kept these questions inside. She didn't want her parents to answer everything. She didn’t want to be their little child again. She wanted to experience this as the grown-up Minnie.
“Here’s the school,” Dad announced.
They were in the middle of the meadow where Minnie had first found herself. “ I've already been here. There isn't a school here.”
“We’ll just sit here quietly waiting. You’ll see...” Mom said.
They sat in the lush, green grass. They waited. Minnie thought she heard the lovely music again. It was very faint and sounded like a lullaby. 
“Where are the thousands of students?” Minnie asked.
“They are just on the other side of that stand of trees.” Dad said. “Mom and I will be going there as soon as your tutor comes. Your first class is always an orientation with the tutor.”
Oh, this must be him, Mom said. They watched a tall thin man approaching. 
They stood to greet him. The man walked up to Minnie and shook her hand, “Hello, you must be Minnie. I'm Samuel. I understand you want a lesson on hearing. 
Hearing is all about listening. I was taught as a young boy. Once you have your spiritual ears opened, you are set for life evermore.” He smiled, "Have a seat."  
Minnie didn't even notice her parents leave.

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