Friday, February 8, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (12)

(a novel continued)
“Supper’s on,” called Hershal.
When Minnie came to the dining area, there were two people sitting at the table and they weren't Hershall and Jesus. Hershal was standing beside the table with a napkin over his arm and a bottle of wine in his hand. The man and the woman seated at the table looked to be in their thirties, a young and improved version of  her parents. 
“Mom? Dad?
Her parents grinned at her, pushed their chairs back and immediately the three were in one great group hug. “Wow, wow, wow.” Minnie was too excited to say anything else.
“Let’s sit and have a visit,” said Dad, ever the practical one.
“It is so good to see you.” Mom beamed.
Dad pulled back a chair for Minnie.
Hershal served the wine. 
"Fish and chips," Minnie said, "I love fish and chips."
"We know," Mom said. 
Minnie had never tasted food so good. 
She plied her parents with questions about heaven. "What do you do all day? How often do you see Jesus. Have you seen God? Do you have a personal angel?"
"Time enough for all that," Dad said. "What have you been doing with yourself back there on earth? Using your time wisely?" 
“Oh, we've been cheering you and the grand kids on,” Mom said.
“Look, it’s beginning to rain.” Dad said.
“Wonderful,” Mom said.
“Looks like close to bowl-tipping time.” Hershal said. 


Henrietta Frankensee said...

Thank you for posting your story! That is a very courageous thing to do and I am sure that, like Minnie, you found ways and reasons to worry about it! But I think your story is delightful and engaging and I want to read it all from start to finish. The suspense of reading a paragraph or three at a time might drive me crazy but that's what an author wants to do to her reader, right?
Keep up the great and fulfilling work! love Henrietta

Marian said...

Thanks Henrietta, Your comment is very encouraging and means a lot to me.