Monday, February 4, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (8)

a novel 

If Minnie thought it was tough being a mother when the kids were little, it was even tougher when they grew up. Little children came with little worries, big children brought big worries. Minnie knew this to be true.
Billy grew up and joined the air force. Minnie worried about the country going to war. Mary grew up and joined a cult. Minnie worried. George grew up and married another man. 

But, here in heaven Minnie wasn’t worried. She couldn’t make herself worry. 
She looked all around. Joy and contentment and peace permeated everything. The feelings were as rich and as tangible as the grass and the flowers.
She set out toward a vivid rainbow in a flowered field. That’s where she met Jesus in person. He seemed to be leaning on the rainbow. Minnie recognized him immediately. His eyes were wonderful blue penetrating eyes. She wanted to look at him forever, to be with him forever. He didn’t have to say anything. She sensed his kindness, his goodness, and his love for her. 

“Welcome to heaven, Minnie,” Jesus extended his hand. “I’d like nothing better than to personally show you around.”
“But, you must have so many other things to do.”
“Not today; today is for you. What would you like to see first?” Jesus gently took her hand in his.
“Everything is so truly beautiful, even my legs are beautiful, you can show me anything,” Minnie said. Love for Jesus flooded her soul.
“Is there someone here, you would like to visit?” he asked.
“Just you really.”  Minnie honestly couldn’t think of anyone else. 
“Let’s just take a stroll, then.” Jesus was still holding her hand. That’s when she noticed the nail holes. She felt the scar around the edge of the hole in his palm.
“That’s okay,” he chuckled. “You’re not the first to be fascinated with those holes. My father offered to cover them up, but we decided to keep them where they are. We don’t want you, or anyone else, to forget the big price we had to pay to get you here. The cross was one very worthwhile venture, but I wouldn't want to do it again.”
“Thank-you, Lord.” 


Ellie said...

We look forward to your posts every day. Gerard usually reads it out loud for both of us. Reminds me of when he used to read books to all of us when the kids were little. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Marian said...

You are welcome. And thanks for sharing that Gerard is reading it out loud. I feel honoured.