Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (19)

(a novel continued)

After her Mom and Dad had gone, Minnie strolled over to the edge of the empty lake. The puddle at the bottom was still small. She looked down through the bottom of the lake and saw a million stars twinkling. She stood entranced for a very long time. “It’s so beautiful.”
“I made it that way,” God said.

When Minnie entered the cottage, Hershal was sitting by the fireplace, a book in his hand. She wondered what he could be reading, but didn’t want to ask, not wanting to be impolite. 
“I’m reading a book written by your daughter.” Hershal volunteered.
“Do you have another?”
“But, but she is in that cult...surely a book from a cult-member wouldn’t be allowed in heaven.”
“I’m going to let you in on a little secretdon’t worry God knowshe told me to share this with you.”
Minnie sat in the chair opposite Hershal at the fireplace. She stared into the fire. Then she looked at Hershal, “I figured a book like that should be burned.
“How do you know what’s in this book? Have you ever read it? In fact I know you haven’t read it.”
“I've read her book and it's junk, brain-washed junk. She talks about a silver chord and blindly following your leader as a loyal armour-bearer no matter whatgood or bad, it’s all goodshe has been deluded.”
“That’s not this book. This book hasn’t been written yet. What I have here is a sneak preview. In fact your daughter is about to write a most excellent piece of work.”
“May I read it?” Minnie ventured.
“Well, that wouldn’t be wise. It’s enough for you to know that this book will happen and a lot will depend on your prayers from here on. 
I am to tell you that Samuel will help you in the perfecting of your prayers. Listen carefully to his instruction.”
Minnie smiled as she studied the fire. Heaven. She liked Heaven. She especially liked not worrying. As she reviewed the various parts of this wonderful day in heaven, she drifted into a sleep.
Hershal scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom where he laid her out on the bed. That’s where she found herself in the morning, still dressed in her heavenly blue shift with the white tasselled belt.

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