Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (14)

(a novel continued)

“Let’s see whose prayers were just answered,” Mom said.
“Whose prayers?” Minnie asked.
“Yes,” Hershal said. “The raindrops in heaven are the prayers of the people on earth. That warm drizzleprayers of thanksgiving. If you look in the right places you’ll discover whose prayers have just been answered.”
They each peered down from different spots along the edge of the giant telescopic bowl. 
"That's my town!" Minnie said. "Right there, that's Haven." 
“I see something interesting in your town.” Dad said.
They crowded round. “See, there,” he pointed to a group of children. The children were laughing and jumping and patting each other on the back.
“They’re just happy because school it out,” Minnie said. “Notice the school bus.”
“I see it, I see it,” Mom said. “Look there,” she pointed.
She was pointing at a church. The church bell was ringing. People were streaming out, faces beaming. 
“They are certainly happy about something,” Hershal said.
“It must have been a prayer meeting,” Dad said.
"Must have been pretty important to hold a prayer meeting in the middle of the day." Mom said.
“Which church is it?” asked Minnie.
“Why does that matter?” Mom said.
“Because different churches pray about different things,” Minnie said.
“It’s St. John’s United,” Hershal said.
“That doesn't help,” admitted Minnie. “I don’t know anything about St. John’s United.
“Look over at the Catholic Church,” Dad said. “There is a flock of happy people coming out of that one as well.”
“And the Anglican Church,” Mom said.
“Look, even the Christian Reformed people are coming out very happy,” Minnie said.
“And Heritage Baptist,” Dad said.
“Must have been a mighty big prayer need,” Hershal said. “Jesus will know. You can ask him.” 

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